Bismuth & Rutilated Quartz Chain Necklace

Bismuth & Rutilated Quartz Chain Necklace


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This Crystal Pack necklace is nothing to play with! Made out of the highest quality Bismuth Crystals with Rutilated Quartz in the center. The crystals are wrapped with gold plated wire to help conduct the energy of the crystals to the wearer. Rutilated Quartz is great for taking out any negative energy or ties from the past, especially past relationships that doesn't serve you anymore. Bismuth Crystals are conductors, slightly magnetic and has anti-radioactive properties! Not only does it look great, but when you wear this, people feel it !

One size fits all. Hand made with love. Not all the crystals are exactly the same, so might slightly vary in shape, but more or less the same.

Please allow 2 weeks delivery in the U.S. & Allow 2.5 weeks for delivery over seas.